How It Works

We place vital medical data in the hands of emergency responders – and that saves lives.


Members provide four contacts to be notified in the event of an emergency. This information includes six contact points – home, work and mobile phone numbers, email, address info, etc.


Members distribute their personalized Alert identification materials; auto window decals, wallet card and stickers for phones, PDAs, MP3 players, etc.


Members create their Personalized Health Record; with information about their health history, medications, allergies, blood type, pre-existing conditions, etc. The Personalized Health Record connects with Microsoft® HealthVault™, a free online service that helps you gather, store and share health information.


The Alert Response Center maintains the member's contact information and their Personalized Health Record in a secure 24/7/365 database.


When an emergency occurs, Alert ID is found and the Response Center is called. The Response Center verifies the emergency, identifies the member and Alert's MediCall™ delivers the member's Personalized Health Records (Alert MediLife™) to the receiving emergency care facility.


Simultaneously Alert Notification begins the process to notify family or friends.

When 3 Good Ideas Become So Much More

Alert's unique emergency notification and medical records access provide members with a personalized, “one-on-one” solution not found elsewhere.

Alert Notification
personalized emergency notification

A sophisticated identification system and 24/7/365 Response Center reduces emergency notification time from hours – to an average of 10 minutes.

Alert Notification
your personal health record (PHR)

Secure, online access 24/7/365. Get answers to healthcare questions, manage prescriptions, track health measures, store medical images, view personalized risk assessments, and in the event of an emergency, allow emergency personnel access to your vital medical records.

Alert Notification
timely access to personalized health records

In an emergency, MediCall™ delivers a member's vital medical information (Alert MediLife™) to emergency medical personnel. This 24/7/365 access (even when a patient is unresponsive or unconscious) closes a dangerous a gap in the current process – timely access to patient information is often not available.

Without Alert Notification, if you are unconscious or incoherent, the current protocol only requires that emergency room professionals remove your driver's license and call only your home phone number. This protocol fails to take into account the fact that many people use only mobile phones and email. Even for homes with landlines, there may not be anyone home to receive the call. With over 20 million emergency room admissions annually, this process is out dated and insufficient, and may cost priceless time with loved ones.